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Humanizzed partnered with Ecorys: RA Justice Sector Reform Program Funded By The European Union


Apr 26, 2022

Humanizzed as part of a "Support to Justice Sector Reform" program funded by EU

Humanizzed is proud to officially announce about a great partnership with Ecorys as part of a big “Support to Justice Sector Reforms in Armenia” Program: Focusing on✔️Human Resource Management ✔️Change Management ✔️Capacity Development Humanizzed announced and presented key findings and recommendations for the Human Resources audit conducted by our team in the Republic of Armenia Ministry of Justice (MoJ), Supreme Judicial Council (SJC) and Corruption Prevention Commission (CPC). The aim was to strengthen the professional capacities of the RoA Government and the three entities in particular through embedding a number of improvement projects and reforms in the Justice Sector of Armenia

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